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DX3 review Part II

Please read DX3 review Part I before reading this.

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DX3 review Part I

This is Dx3 review. For those who haven't watch dx3, please watch it before reading this review.

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This is a passage for HCPC ep 46 review, Other-Catch.

Other-Catch: Sabacure x Marine and SunshineCollapse )

New Year Special~YPC5 fanfic(Prologue)

This is the first time I write PC5 fanfic...I hope that you like it.
The fanfic takes place in Christmas, the title should be Christmas...but Christmas is over, so I make it as New Year special.

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Moonlight Seed Destiny

This is my mad drama--Heartcatch Precure: Moonlight Seed Destiny.
Note: This drama may distort your image of Cologne, don't take this seriously, it is only a joke. There are some Athrun images for imagination of Cologne's human form...but the pictures are limited, so others you have to imagine yourself.

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Battle Soldier War

This is the post about my fan series (planned to be a game) posted in HCPC ep 11 review.

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