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New Year Special~YPC5 fanfic(Prologue)

This is the first time I write PC5 fanfic...I hope that you like it.
The fanfic takes place in Christmas, the title should be Christmas...but Christmas is over, so I make it as New Year special.


23rd December..

Nuts House is closed. (due to Japan holiday)

All: Merry Christmas!

A delicious Celeb cake and other snacks are placed on the table. Precure 5 and others are celebrating Christmas. However, why they celebrate on 23rd instead of 25th?

The week before Christmas..

Nozomi: Let's have Christmas Party on Christmas Day, it's decided!
Urara: Sorry, I need to shoot my MV on that day.
Karen: I also can't, my parents come back to Japan on Christmas eve.
Nuts: Nuts House is busy on that day...
Nozomi: um~~~
Coco: How about 23rd? It is public holiday, I believe the shops are closed, including Rin and Komachi's shop...but I don't know if Urara has any job...
Urara: Let me check...lucky! there is no job on that day.
Nozomi: Then..Let's have Christmas Party on 23rd December, it's decided!


Back to the party...

Nozomi: hey, hey, what's your Christmas wish?
Urara: I hope that my MV will be successful!
Nozomi: I believe you will be successful! By the way, where is the MV takes place?
Urara: it is Fairy Park!
All: Fairy Park!?
Urara: Yes^^ as it is recently popular!
Milk: I should make myself up on that day^^ Urara, remember to ask the camera man to shoot me!
Urara: I...try my best...What's Rin-san Christmas wish?
Rin: My Christmas wish?
Nozomi: Yes! Yes! We want to know, I want to know!
Rin: um...I hope that I can get a good idea for the new accessories...
Nuts: You still don't have idea? Don't push yourself too hard.
Rin: Don't worry, Nuts, I try my best to make the new design tomorrow.
Karen: It looks tough, doesn't it..? How about you, Komachi?
Komachi: I want to finish the new novel before New Year eve...but until now, I don't have much idea how to write...
Karen: What's the theme of your new novel?
Komachi: Romance and adventure...
Nozomi: I am looking forward to read~!
Urara: Me too!
Rin: then...how about Karen? what's your wish?
Karen: I hope that my parents can stay in Japan longer...at least I can be with them on the New Year day...
All: wow...
Komachi: I hope your wish will come true.
All nod their heads.
Rin: What's Nozomi's wish then?
Nozomi: My wish is the same as last year~ want to have a kiss with my boyfriend under the Christmas tree~
All are staring at Coco with slience...but Coco is very mind of the word which is from Nozomi's mouth--boyfriend.
Karen:...I hope that your wish will come true...
Rin whispers to Coco: I think you know what to do on Christmas day...
Kurumi: My wish is to be the best caretaker!
Syrup: then you have to change your temper first!
Kurumi: What did you say? Syrup!
Syrup: I didn't say anything!
All giggles.
Urara: What's your wish, Syrup?
Syrup: My wish had been come true.....I don't know now, but my current wish is to get more delivery jobs..
Coco: If you don't have job, you can help Nuts House, as the shop may be busy in these two days.
Nozomi: That's great! Syrup!
Syrup:...I may consider...
Nozomi: Ok, let's hope our wishes will be come true, it's decided!
Rin: not "it's decided", it is "Cheers", isn't it?
Nozomi: Yes, yes, Cheers!
All: Cheers!

~End of Prologue~


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Jan. 6th, 2011 05:07 pm (UTC)
I was wondering about your prologue, it does take place during GoGo or after GoGo?
Just because since Christmas Episode was 21th, the delay between 15-21 looks short before the christmas and holiday.

Also because you wrote Coco and Natts, i was wondering if they were in their human form Kokoda and Mr.Natts or in their mascot form since Milk and Kurumi is recognizable (Syrup barely).
Would actually be funny for girls to look at Coco while he's in mascot form and imagine weird idea :D ^^.
I can't wait for the First and you know why :).

Fairy Park? Most sound like an adventure part of the fanfic or just Urara's MV and so nothing special will happen? :3
Jan. 7th, 2011 02:06 am (UTC)
The hint of the timeline is Syrup(his wish had been come true,i.e. they had been Cure Rose Garden already), it is after Gogo. (as Gogo also have Christmas ep itself, I won't redo Christmas during GG)

>i was wondering if they were in their human form Kokoda and Mr.Natts or in their mascot form

if they are in mascot form, I will write the ending sound (coco,natsu, miru, ropu)as well. Since I didn't write, they should be in human.

For Urara's MV, just a little spoiler, the MV actor is not only Urara herself.
Mar. 22nd, 2011 03:50 pm (UTC)
6min after you have posted your SPC 6 Review
Can't wait for a certain Chapter 1 of what you know^^
Mar. 22nd, 2011 04:05 pm (UTC)
I will start writing again tomorrow...just a key word for you:
Kaitou Precure

who is she? I keep it secret for this moment, but she is related to chapter 1
Jan. 7th, 2011 04:23 am (UTC)
Very entertaining! I love how Urara, Nozomi and Syrup were really "In Character".

It was really fun too read, can't wait for the next ones! X3

Jun. 9th, 2011 02:29 pm (UTC)
Все прикольно сделано!
Отлично! Все бы так писали :)
Feb. 18th, 2012 09:27 am (UTC)
Re: Все прикольно сделано!
can you write in English? I don't understand your language...
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