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This is a passage for HCPC ep 46 review, Other-Catch.

A. Kumojacky and Marine

Their first meet is ep 4:

Kumojacky said Blossom as weakest Precure, even with Marine...
Marine is the one who asks Kumojacky's name, and he answers her immediately!

Kumojacky: Desert Apostles, senior cadre, Kumojacky!

Later, he attacked Blossom with his fleur, Marine defends this attack!

This is his first impression to Marine-talkative.

Kumojacky: I don't like the person who talk so much! A man has to overcome the big wave called life! Partner? Not solving problem by yourself! It's nonsense!

Rethinking this scene, actually Kumojacky is jealous of Blossom?

Next, ep 8

Kumojacky: The culprit of toying her heart are people around her! They don't understand her...
As Momoka's secret fan, he has to help her to say out her feeling XD

Even Marine is speechless...(as she is one of the culprit)

This ep is not only showing that Kumojacky is Momoka's secret fan, but also for luring Cure Marine... he manages to make Marine speechless!

After Marine said the speech..
Marine: Take this, Kumojacky!
Kumojacky: If you can do it, come on!

They have conversation!

ep 18

Marine is the only one calling Kumojacky!

ep 22

This is the first time for Kumojacky to call "Cure Marine".
He choose to fight Blossom not because he is interested in Blossom (I thought he is at first...), he just want to test his attack only...he believe that Blossom is weaker than Marine (it is true...). Testing new attack with a weaker one is safer...

To answer the question in that review: Kumojacky x Marine

ep 25

He is wearing T-front and said,"the sea is really broad..."
so are you thinking of Marine's phrase?

so the review answer is actually a. He like Marine (as he like strong person, esp strong cure), although he calls Marine insect, he initially chooses Marine to fight!

ep 34

The picture is from demonraiser's review.

Kumojacky, again, initially chooses Marine to fight! This is the second time!

ep 41

Marine draws Kumojacky...I don't know if she like Kumojacky, but it is confirmed that she has a strong impression of him! (and she can imitate him very well.)

Hence, in ep 46, Marine initially fights against Kumojacky.

Kumojacky had called "Cure Marine", "Cure Blossom" (only ep 30) and "Cure Moonlight". He called Cure Marine the most.
For Marine, she called Kumojacky the most!

According to the plot in ep 46, I believe Kumojacky and Marine can be a pair!

B. Cobrajar and Sunshine

Their first meet is ep 7:

Please see ep 7 review for details.
He admits Itsuki's beauty, but he is shocked of her gender!
He has good impression to Itsuki, but Itsuki dislike him, esp when she is Desertrian.

Later ep 25:


Cobrajar watch her at midnight...because of Kumojacky's snore...
and he greets Itsuki in the next morning.

then go to ep 34:

The pictures are from demonraiser's review.

same as Kumojacky, he already chooses Sunshine as his opponent! and he calls "Sunshine" instead "Cure Sunshine".

For Cobrajar and Sunshine, it may be difficult to be a pair because Sunshine still dislike him after the battle in ep 46. Their relationship is--Cobrajar likes her, but she rejects him.


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