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DX3 review Part I

This is Dx3 review. For those who haven't watch dx3, please watch it before reading this review.

I think we all agree that this movie is the best among all Dx movie. There are very few negative points, so I think you will be happier to read this review than other movie reviews, or even my recent spc review.
Let's have a bitter taste first.

The negative points I can think of are:

1. About FPC attacks-do you know why they shoot Grand Finale first, and then individual attacks? The answer are weapon and type of attack. All precures have weapons in hand while shooting the attacks-
MH-heartiel baton
Ss-the star rings (I don't know the exact name)
PC5-Cure Fleur
HCPC-Flower tacts +shiny tambourine
If FPC don't take out their Cure stick+passion harp, how can they "fight against" other precure? For type of attack, grand finale is a close distance attack. If we use srw system to define the distance of this attack, probably 1. Only fresh attack can provide long distance attack. However, there is a problem-grand finale should be more powerful than fresh attack. All precures shoot out their final (the highest level) attack, but fpc state is like spc...(in spc case, the timeline should be ep 10 of spc series, so melody and rhythm can only shoot musical rondo) As a group, their bonds looks weaker than other precures...also because of this, they hold back fpc's individual attacks. That make fpc not very outstanding in the battle part.

2. Some cures still can't stand out in dx3- dx3 provide an opportunity for all precure to perform their fighting tactics, by dividing into three groups. In pink team, all are leader cures, however, Peach doesn't really stand out in the group. All cures have taken turn for leading the group except Peach. In blue team, Egret is the one who can't stand out. Basically, blue team leaders are white and aqua, and marine takes the spotlight sometimes. Egret doesn't really talk much in the team, quite quiet in the team. In yellow team, pine and passion are not outstanding in the group. My impression of passion is the kick with milky rose, and pine is the competition of taking care of animals.

3. The plot where the blue team calling for their leader- as we know, those "yuri" groups (mh, ss and spc) rely on their partners very much, but we don't know if pc5, fpc and hcpc rely on their leaders. Here comes:
Marine: Blossom!
Berry: Peach!
Mint: Dream!
I believe the first two calls because they really call Blossom and Peach quite often in the series, and there are only 1 member per series in blue team EXCEPT PC5. Honestly I seldom hear Mint calls Dream...she calls Lemonade more than Dream, and Aqua is here...According to Mint character, she has higher possibility to call Aqua more than Dream. Also, PC5 members are very independent...For story wise, yes, they need a pc5 member to call out leader to match others, but thinking of their characters...the result looks a bit odd.

That's all for the bitter, quite little isn't it?
Now we should have tom yum soup as an appetizer.

1. Op- the 3d op is quite well done, but I only can consider it as special musical op. I prefer dx1 op, which is more related to the story.

2. Ed-quite plain comparing to dx 1&2, because it is sad ending, and its purpose is to recall past series scenes. The ending is what we normally see in other anime-review ending. If you expect for gorgeous ending package like dx 1 &2, it would disappoint you.

3. Performance of the groups-I discuss it by series.
MH-both black and white have taken leadership in their colour team. Someone had asked why black can't take the leadership for all precure group earlier. The answer is here-she only can lead her sports team. In her club team, since she knows the member for a long time, her members know what Nagisa wants by her limited instruction. Nevertheless, this kind of leadership is not effective for leading precure as they don't know each other very well. On the contrary, white is a good leader , sometimes she really can lead the group (but most of the time marine and aqua take the leadership.)
Luminous is a good supporter in yellow team. Because of Lemonade, she becomes more outstanding in the yellow team. She follow Lemonade pace closely. For mh attack usage, all the attacks are used effectively.
Among all precure group, they are the third outstanding.

Ss- not very outstanding group, but at least better than FPC. Both spiral attacks uses wisely. Bloom has good performance in pink team, by protecting Blossom and point out the problem of black's order. Egret is not outstanding , which had been mentioned above. However, when they are together, Egret can stand out because of the attack packages, she has to shout first. Their barriers also help them to stand out in the group.

Pc5-these girls have the same level of outstanding as SPC, I would say. Every member has leadership. In pink team, Dream take the leadership by encouraging others, and counterattack as a striker. In blue team, Aqua definitely take the leadership, she gets the solution faster than others mostly. Mint play the role as Rhythm's prince.(but she ignore Marine...) Rouge and Lemonade are Mansai leaders. Rouge keeps scolding, but Lemonade just throw the dice. Although she is playful, I believe she also knows that only following their rules can find the exit. Milky rose is the same as Marine, a moodmaking leader. Additionally, they shoot their (final) individual attack twice! Even HCPC doesn't have this priority.

FPC-due to their swapping attack, they are slightly more outstanding than SS...by individual...Berry is the most outstanding. Peach....because of those powerful leaders (Black, Dream, Blossom) + Melody, she can't stand out. Pine and Passion are not outstanding in yellow team..for Pine, I only remember her taking care of animal contest...Passion is just a kick with Rose..Nobody is really take the leadership...Among four of them, Miki/Berry has the best leadership.

HCPC-the second outstanding group, mainly because of Erika/Marine, making those comical expression all the time. Tsubomi is officially leading Melody, so she has to be stood out. She is still weak, but she manage to save Bloom(Blossom to Bloom, is it on purpose?). Sunshine...just stand out occasionally, with Lemonade. It is quite pity that she can't shoot gold burst alone..Moonlight works a lot in yellow team, although she can't shoot attack twice like others. Yes, HCPC also shoot attack twice like PC5, but one of them are small attack. Marine shoot has to combine with Sapphire Arrow. Blossom shower and Sunshine Flash only can give the enemy a small hit. Moonlight only shoots silver forte wave, yet she can take the spotlight from the other three.

SPC-the main precure team for this movie. Their performance is much better than FPC and HCPC, neither being too weak nor overexposure. Since they have the weapons quite early, they don't have the problem like fpc. They have both bare hand and weapon attacks, so they can use them wisely. Their passionato harmony uses pretty good to that freezing partners. Melody plays her role well with Blossom and Dream; Rhythm becomes the princess of Mint. (Melody is the princess of Dream) In addition, their friendship with Hammy is described much better than TV series.

4. The final attack effect- Many of us are satisfied for the effect : why the attack becomes a cannon? Esp HCPC is shoot a godness! Let's review the images of attacks:
PC5-Rainbow rose
Milky Rose-blue rose
FPC-many hearts+turning
SPC-tone rings + finale

If the staffs don't turn them(pc5-spc) into cannon, our precure will be very busy. Don't worry, I will fulfil your wish in main dishes!

This is the time for main dishes!
First dish is...
1. Bunbee!
If you notice, our dear Bunbee is striving his show time!

On sunny day...he is there.

On cloudy day...he is also there

On miraculous day, he even...

watching shooting star with other sub characters!

Plus! He assist in waving Miracle Light!

Isn't he great? As a sub character in the movie, he is so fantastic!
He is always be with us!

but Michiru, Kaoru, Washio etc...also have the same showing time as Bunbee.

2. Hammy bungee encounter!

In order to meet HCPC, our hammy take her risk to jump down from higher floor!

Cat can be saved by human easily...but if human fails jumping....

Nobody can save her.

3. DX3 weather report

Today's weather is unpredictable....

All weather changes are only affected in this area.

Because there is a black hole in the space

This area will have frequent monster rain...

Thunders in 3 primary colours..

A prism sun will appear in a short while.
It is cloudy most of the time...

but beware of the occasional mascot flood.

Shadow:I am watching weather report, don't block my way!

4. HCPC fashion show

Yes, there is a moment of fashion show in the beginning...
Erika:(just for a while? Boring..)
Itsuki looks girlish here even in short hair..

5. Curry hair group

two members are missing, one is Itsuki (on stage), another one is Hikaru (in another group...Yuri is the eggplant on the curry rice?

6. Dx op concert
Let's sing together!

Pre..pre..pretty (Heart~catch!)
Unlike Dx2, the order is according to the song.

Cure, cure cutey! (5gogo!)
Rose, it is passion pose for Let's precure, you know?

Lemonade is a professional idol, she always poses different original poses.

All star beauty! (Splash stars!)
Congrats for SS! Appear earlier than dx2!

Pre..pre.. Pretty!(Max heart!)
They have to give the first appearance scene to hcpc due to the song..

Cure cure cutey (Fresh Precure!)
Even the song change, their position doesn't change, second last.

All star beauty! (suite suite precure)
Newbie always appears last.
To summarise...
Dx2 order-Mh,5gogo,ss,fpc, hcpc
Dx3 order-hcpc,5gogo,ss,mh,fpc,spc
Why hcpc suddenly are placed in the 1st position? It is not bias, it is because of the mix and match of the melody and the lyrics. Firstly, spc has to be in the last position as "suite suite precure". Only ss can match with this phrase, i.e. Splashstar! After that, we have hcpc, 5gg, mh and fpc. According to the phrase, both hcpc and 5gg have longer pause in between, like:
It is the same for mh and fpc, which have shorter pause.
The order is from few to more pronounciation, also by series basis. They can't put 5gg and ss behind. Hence, the chorus become 1 new 2 old, and 1 old 2 new.

All gather to form a concert in the space. Please don't worry about if they can breathe in the space, because they are invincible! XD

7. Combo scold
These combo mostly from blue members.

Erika:What are you doing!?
They are hungry...

Karen: hey you, girls! Don't play!
She just does what she did normally as a student president

Miki: hey! Please behave yourself!....don't cry...
You seems weaker than the other two...Miki...

There is another naughty girl-Milk. She comments them, but at the same time she joins them...so Rin has to take this scold role.

8. Precure Maths Quiz

Tsubomi:Let's transform!
All: ok!

Here is the quiz: How many people in your group?
This skull is called Unko-dingding, from Zatch Bell, voiced by Bunbee.

SPC: Eh~How do we know!?
Hibiki: Transform first! Kanade!
Kanade: Ok! Hibiki!

All: Precure All Star!!

Milky Rose: How many...1,2...
Dream: 21!
When your Maths is so good? Dream...

Unko-dingding: Say it once more! You won't get the same answer twice!

All: 21!


9. Miracle Light

Nuts: This is Cheat Code...

Coco: this is not cheat Code, this is MIRACLE LIGHT!
It's a pity that we can't see them explain in human form (don't even have human form...)

What can it do?

Like Dx2, it can defeat boss! However, it is not like Dx2, the mascot defeat Shadow together! (Dx2 Urangano is defeated by Chiffon only.)

Of course, as a torch, it can glow in the dark.

Hummy: Come, let's wave the light!

Waving the light is the default action for Precure movie. Movie guests are involved this time. What is the miracle we get from this light? We will know later.

10. Prism Flower

Unlike DX2, there is a setting for Prism Flower.

Prism Flower is a tunnel for Syrup to send letter (and send mascots)...

The "receivers" are waiting for him in Nuts House....

All: Syrup!

Syrup also enjoy so many girls welcoming him XD

Prism Flower is untouchable because it appears like a sun.

What happen if it disappears?
Coco: I can't see Nozomi..coco
and Precure series can't continue..

Don't worry, Prism Flower can be replanted on this invincible heart tree!

To be continued in Part II!!



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