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DX3 review Part II

Please read DX3 review Part I before reading this.

11. Precure got talented

In Dx3, the bosses ask Precure to play Precure got talented....

Rouge: who will answer "Oh yes, I do it!", and throw the dice?

Lemonade is the one.
Lemonade: Hey!
Rouge: What are you doing!?

Pine: Yes! We get six!
Rouge: Should we happy for this!?

One of their talent is hammering the giant monsters!

Another talent is racing with monsters!

Pink/Black Precure=leader Precure
Black quickly show her experienced leadership.
Black: You go here, you go there...

Bloom: go where?

Black: It means you go here, you go there (with indication)
In the conclusion, experienced leader doesn't mean that she is a good leader.

Aqua is the example of good leader, giving clear instruction to members is important.

Yellow team finally finish hammering the monsters...
Rouge & Rose: Grasp!

Next, they have to play bowling with the monsters! How they strike the monsters?

Rouge: Precure Fire Strike!

Sunshine: Sunshine Flash!
Rouge shoots one ball, you shoots so many balls!?

I think the bowling is not important for this monster strike...
Lemonade: Precure Prism Chain!

Such a small Unzaina, a small Moonlight kick can be done.

Next! Baseball tournament! It is very familiar for FPC team!

This Nameke is back for revenge!

We have Sporty (Rouge), Experienced (Passion) Super women (Moonlight) here, getting home run is as easy as ABC!

Lemonade, Pine and Luminous- cheer-leading girls

Our Precure have many special skills, such as:

Baking biscuit-Luminous
Luckily, your opponent is not My Melo....

By the way, how this Desertrian sings?

Martial art-Sunshine
not very special...because all Precure have fighting ability...and the monster won't follow the rule...

Taking care of animal-Pine
I remember this Aladdin Hoshina is from 5GG ep 43...he doesn't how to take care..this scene is quite...cheating...

You are like the student who is going to take exam...but is it more suitable for Aqua?

12. Special Relationship

In Dx3, Precure (and Villains) develop special relationships. What kind of relationship?

A. Prince and Princess

The standard Prince and Princess format is like this:

Usamimi Kamen (Prince): Are you all right?
Uta (Princess): Yes///

1st pair: Prince Mint and Princess Rhythm

Mint: Are you all right?
Rhythm: Yes///

Prince Mint even ignores Marine..Rhythm is the only princess in her eye.

Even Titanic sinks, Mint won't forget to save her Princess.

2nd pair: Prince Dream and Princess Melody

Dream: Are you all right?
Melody: (Melo Melo~)

but the next moment...

Both Prince and Princess are KO!

3rd pair: Prince Bloom and Princess Blossom

Bloom: Blossom, why your name is called Blossom?
Blossom: because my name is destined with your name...
Bloom+ss=Blossom XDDD

Ok, let's go back to the scene...this Prince protect her Princess by barrier..

the Princess is brave enough to protect her Prince!
However, both are KO as well...


This Princess suddenly want to be Prince..

Blossom: Please give me your hand, Princess..
so Melody is destined to be Princess?

B. Yellow partners

The pair is Lemonade and Luminous (expected!)

When they are happy, "give me five"!

When they are sad, they will hug each other and cry together.

Twin Tail magic~only for them...

C. BL vs GL

Freezing pair: Freezing....
so-called BL pair: Coco x Kirima (voice)

Obvious GL pair: SPC
SPC: Precure Passionato...

Freezing pair: Blizzard----!

SPC: Harmony---!

Freezing pair: Why we can't win them---? We are the best pair...

Precure Passionato Harmony disappear with the BGM! Fantastic!
Showing Precure victory again!

Don't forget the victory pose!

Melody: Precure is not a show for...
Rhythm: promoting BL!!

It is not the show for promoting GL though...it is true that we should not underestimate girl's power (esp. with partner)

13. Precure Imitation

A. "I can't stand it anymore"

Imitator: Marine

Marine: I can't stand it anymore!!

I thought you have your own phrase...


Blossom: I can't stand it anymore---!!!

Marine: Yes! It comes! "can't stand it"!!
What are you happy for?

B. Milky Punch

Imitator: Toy Mashin

so-called Toy Punch can make Precure separate...

Original: Milky Punch

Her punch makes Fusion fall.

C. Group appears from the smoke

Imitator: Monsters

Original: Precure-tachi

Original is the best XDD

14. Precure Fighter

Round 1

Toy Mashin & Salamander VS Passion, Lemonade & Moonlight

Round 2

Freezen VS White, Marine, Berry
Frozen VS Mint, Egret, Aqua

Round 3

Mushiban VS Black

Sirloin VS Peach

15. Combined Attack

A. Precure Collaboration Punch!
Attack members: Black, Bloom, Dream, Peach, Blossom, Melody
If Black is not here, this attack should call Precure Pink Leader Punch XDD

B. Milky Passion Heartiel action!
Attack members: Passion, Milky Rose, Luminous

Passion and Rose kick the enemies first...

then Luminous enlarges her baton and ...

Luminous: Heartiel action!

The effect is let the enemies rest ^^

C. Precure Sapphire shoot!
Attack members: Aqua and Marine

The attack is formed by Sapphire arrow and Marine shoot.

16. One-to-all attack

A. Precure Shooting Star Max!

It is not Ikemen beam Max, it should be Ikecure beam Max!
Our Dream is very cool!

B. Bloom shield
Just a defense attack, but it can help Melody.

C. Blossom shower
Mushiban and Monsters are enjoying a bed of Blossom XD

17. Finisher A

MH: Precure Marble Screw Max

In the movie, they also defeat Devil with this attack, but in Golden form.
Now, as they have leveled up (by experience in DX 1 & 2), they can just defeat it in real time.

The best scene here is they are holding hand and running together while saying their lengthy phrases.

SS: Precure Spiral Star Splash

In the movie, if I am right, they use the same attack to defeat Sirloin. Comparing to MH, they looks normal...

PC5: All individual attacks

In PC5 movie, they defeat Shadow by 5 Explosion (Max), but now Shadow is deafeated by Miracle Lights...so they only face Mushiban.

For Mushiban, in PC5GG movie, he was defeated by Starlight Solution...
Can PC5 defeat him by individual attacks?

Unlike other monsters, he has to keep his appearance even he powers up!
First attacks: Fire Strike, Emerald Saucer, Sapphire Arrow

It is easily defended by Muscular Mushiban.

Second attack: Prism Chain
How about Prism Chain? He needs some time to struggle...

Third attack: Shooting Star

But by the time he can release... He is defeated by shooting star!

Movie pose is reacted! Dream still feels sad for defeating him...
One of the best scene in this movie!

FPC: Lucky Clover Grand Finale
Firstly, I would like to say...long time no see!
Although their rally had been improved, that diamond still looks awkward to me...
In fpc movie, it is purified by Loving true heart.

HCPC: silver forte wave + shining fortissimo
I prefer them shooting double FF like HCPC ep 38....it is like separating moonlight from the group...
In HCPC movie, he is defeated by Heartcatch Orchestra.

Where is SPC? Their attack can be seen in BL vs GL section.

18. Miracle sequence
The fight in this movie is excellent, but the most marvelous moment is this critical part! For those don't understand what I argue for spc ep 21, this is what spc ep 21 lack--helpless depairs and the natural miracles

1st depair- transformation is broken
Without precure power, they are just normal girls. They can't do anything...

1st miracle-actually it is a critical method opened by Nuts. The method is using prism flower to transform once more, but the value is...

2nd depair-breaking the linkage between mascot and precure world.
We can see how desperate from PC5 faces!
Kurumi can't endure her form anymore! She changes to Milk and cries in Karen's hug.

Urara: Nozomi-san....
even Nozomi-san also doesn't know what to do...

Precure don't want to be apart from their mascot, but they have to use prism flower to save the world!

After farewell with mascots, they decide to use Prism Flower.

While they decide to use prism flower, the 3rd depair comes: prism flower is broken!!

However, it forms 2nd miracle-lighting miracle light! That's where miracle light comes!
After waving several minutes...our precure need to change costumes...

MH team comes first!

SS teams follows. Both pair have similar poses....

Then Pc5! Yes!
Dream and Lemonade pose specially!

FPC team! Pine has to strive some spotlight from here.

HCPC team! Marine is another Lemonade....pose differently.

SPC team! Their dress(can' t call skirt already) is way too long...I only like Rhythm's. For Melody, don't worry, you will have a new power up costume in october.

Arigatou Ippai~

Same as DX1 and 2, we must see this default scene-take this!
This is the best "take this" scene! (although I grumble those short yellow member standing at the back...)

The finisher b will talk later.
After the default finisher....what come to them is not like Dx 1 and 2....they are crying for separation!!

Karen is really independent (like elder sister)..comforting Tsubomi...

Komachi is really sad...Nuts leave without any confession...

Yuri is tough...because she has experience in Cologne's death...

SPC crying...I feel their cry is more dynamic than Siren's cry in ep 21.

3rd miracle actually had been shown above, is Prism Flower growing on the heart tree! That means...the mascots can go to precure world again!!

After the sad seperation, Precure still need to live as happy as mascots.

What happen when they meet mascots again? You have to visit the pictures here:


19. Finisher B

This time Precure shoot their own attack in Rainbow version

Precure MH: Extreme----
Luminous: Luminario---------!!!

Precure SS: Precure Spiral Heart Splash---!

PC5: These 5 lights consist of courage!!

PC5: Precure Rainbow Rose Explosion!!
Another best scene to me, RRE in shining form!

Rose: Let's cover the devil power....

Rose: and bloom this shining rose!
Yes, we also can see Rainbow Milky Rose shoot Metal Blizzard!

Peach: Love Sunshine....

Berry: Espoir Shower...

Pine: Healing Prayer....

FPC x3: FRESH-----!

This Precure is extra...
Passion: Happiness Hurricane---!

HCPC: Be Bloom proudly! Flower! HeartCatch Orchestra!!

SPC special-Musical Rondo in Rainbow version!
SPC: Go around! Tone Ring!

Hence, SPC take over Blossom and Marine shot in DX2...(you can compare to Dx2 Blossom and Marine, the camera angles are the same)

Other CU scene can be seen here:


Er...in the movie, the effect is like this , but actually....

Let's rewind to HeartCatch Orchestra......

Then HCPC have to set the punch for the Goddess....
Moonlight: Ha!

Sunshine: Ha!

Marine: Ha----!

Blossom: Daa---!

HCPC & FPC: HA------!

Work hard for turning, Precure! For the sake of the world!!

SPC: 3 Beats! 1, 2, 3, Finale!! (They jump on the Earth)

The effect should be like this....and explode!!

Our Precure save the whole universe today!!
They can even defeat Black hole, completely invincible!

In conclusion, this is the best DX movie and also Precure movie, although there are little complaint (negative points), such as no human form for CocoNuts Syrup and FPC attack interpretation. SPC blend into the group much better than FPC and HCPC, anyway, keep it up!



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