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Character Section 2

F. Sagara Seiji
He is the first human male character who is close to Precure team. (Yui is the second human character after him) He is also the first character who has a strong connection to all HaCha members. Megumi and Yuuko are his childhood friends. He is also Hime’s false love opponent. He practices his Karate in Iona’s Doujo. He is unlike Jonathan, he is nothing to do with the background story. He is just here for helping Precure, not just cheering, but also fighting against Choiarks. Generally, he is a nice guy (Hoshiwa also want to scout him) and the best helper. From his setting, he should have a nice romance with Megumi, but because of Blue!! Megumi is also the reason…after she ends her relationship with Blue, she doesn’t clarify her feeling to Seiji. Owing to his feeling to Megumi, he becomes the villain in ep 46 and 47…Fortunately, he is not pathetic even being toyed by two Gods.

G. Blue
While Seiji is the first nice guy in Precure team, he is the first infamous character in Precure history. I should ask Kamen Rider W to say:


"Count up your crimes"

1st crime-sending 14-year old girls in the world to the battlefield
In the past, as fairies are weak, they need to find a strong person to help them. In YPC5, Coco is the first mascot starts to regret making the girls (Nozomi is the main) be Precure. Even the current series GPPC, our prince Kanata also repents to make Haruka be Princess Precure indirectly. However, this God-Blue, he is the strongest creature in the world (supposed to be, esp. he is the last boss’s (I mean Red) brother). As a God, he said he loves everyone in the world, but why he bears to send the young girls to battlefield without any regret?

2nd crime- two-timing
I don’t say as a god…as a man, it is unforgivable that a man has two-timing. I remember Seiji (the example of a good man) asks Blue in ep 27:


Seiji: How do you feel about Megumi?


Blue: She is my important person.
Seiji: as the most important girl?
Blue: There is no such thing as the first and the second, I treat everyone equally because I am God.

However, this guy loves two girls at the same time! The timeline is like this:


This God dates and ditches Mirage 300 years ago. Mirage becomes Queen Mirage because of him!


Then he hugs another girl (Megumi) when his girlfriend becomes the villain Queen (Mirage never has princess hug from Blue, but Megumi gets one!)


Blue: Megumi, you can call me Blue.
By asking Megumi to call his name, you can see his intention of two-timing!


After obtaining Megumi, he reconcile with Mirage!

As the result, Megumi is ditched in ep 43. Gosh, he is toying these girls’ feeling!! Girls, please remember this woman’s enemy!

3rd crime-flirting with other girls
We have an image evidence:


Flirting with Megumi is not enough…He even flirts with other girls!! God, I thought flirting is not allowed according to bible?

4th crime-his power is not qualified as a god
In ep 13….


He takes a long time to release Lovely…


Blue doesn’t have any fighting power, he has to sacrifice himself in order to defeat ONE cadre…you are even weaker than Honey!


He even can injured and bleeded like this...


He can’t even defend from former Precure!

HACHA_0000_Layer 58.jpg

The most pathetic one…become a doll in the movie.

He produces Precure, but he is weaker than Precure…it doesn’t make sense!

5th crime-locking his girlfriend and his brother in Axia
Blue, you should thank Hime for releasing your girlfriend and brother! How can you bear to seal them into a box! Especially, Red doesn’t do anything wrong to you! Mirage is your victim as well!

6th crime-asking the girls in the world to beat his girlfriend and brother up
After Hime did a good deed, this God asks the girls to defeat his girlfriend and brother! Don’t even say as a god…as a human, if you can’t love your family, how you love the creature on the Earth?

7th crime-create nonsense rule
As you remember, he had created a ridiculous rule-Precure is forbidden to have romance. While the Precure obey the rule, he breaches the rule with the pink leader!


Iona: The one who forbid us to have romance, but he is the one who have the most...
Definitely, and he never has any punishment!

8th crime-Misuse of Cross Mirror Room
How does he misuse his mirrors? I also have pictorial evidences:


He uses his mirror as transportation…Blue, please obey the Earth’s rule…you should go by bus or train…


He uses his mirrors to…peek Precure daily life…


The most unforgivable act is…peeking all Precure pajama look!! (from NS3)

HACHA_0018_Layer 40.jpgHACHA_0017_Layer 41.jpg

His only right use of the mirror is calling Miracle Light in the movies (he only do right things in the movie, why?)

His crimes may be more than 8, but these are the main crimes that make him as a unpleasant male character. Even he has a handsome face, he loses to his elder brother-Red.

H. Mirage/Cure Mirage
She may not be the oldest villain, but she is definitely the oldest Precure. Before her, Kaoruko is the oldest, but now she is the oldest because she can be Precure for 300 years! Among all last bosses, she is the most pitiful one…or in other words, Blue is the actual last boss XD Well, Mirage just wants to tell us that the woman who is ditched is terrible…and women should be fierce to get a man’s love XD Her problem in this series is to get Blue’s love, and she is successful at the end. She should thank Red. Oh yes, I should talk about her Miko form. She is Blue’s Miko 300 years ago. My only question is how she succeed her power to Hime (the next Blue’s Miko)…Her Cure Mirage only appears at the end of the series…we only know she can use Shining Make Dresser (with Blue) and have some physical attacks….Um…is she a plot-oriented character? I think she is up to ep 43. After that, if sheis plot-oriented, she should be disappeared, but she never die, and even help Red to revive his planet….Why a human can alive over 300 years? Just because she is Blue’s girlfriend? Anyway, if you have any romance problem, she is a suitable person to help you, because she knows how to deal with guys like Blue XD.

I. Red
Although he is the last boss in this series, he is actually a good man! No! Should be Ikemen! In the series, he said he is jealous of Blue…I understand your feeling, why this kind of two-timing guy has so many Precures working for him, while you only have three subordinates, Blue’s girlfriend and her mascot + a shemale…As I list Blue’s crime, I also list Red’s good deed to comfort him. Before that, let’s see his face:

He is so pale! Why he is so pale? I tell you why…
1.     He researches Precure information for his subordinates


Unlike the past boss, he doesn’t have a capable secretary like Anacondy or other loyal subordinates. With a lazy queen, absented hunter and useless cadres, he needs to do all the things by himself.

2.     Help his brother’s girlfriend to reconcile with his brother (i.e. deal with home affair)
He always said he hates Blue…in the series, he said he is jealous of his brother…Of course! He doesn’t even have a girlfriend, and his brother do such thing to a girl. By understanding DDPC’s theme (love and hate are one), he asks Mirage to hate this two-timer (Blue should deserve that), and the result is…


Blue should thank him instead!

3.     Help Seiji to get Megumi
I know Red won’t help him on purpose as he likes Megumi so much. However, for the sake of Megumi’s happiness, he put the hate crystal (which is supposed to put on Megumi) to Seiji.


Red: Come, show me how much you love Megumi!
As the result, Lovely holds hand with Seiji together

He actually fulfil Seiji’s dream, doesn’t he?

4.     Comfort and save subordinates


For comfort scene, I remember this rare scene in ep 41. You know, when Phantom has any problem, he can’t talk to anyone…Mirage Trios don’t want to befriend him…Mirage only know to hate Blue and sleep…Only Red! Only Red comes to talk to him!!


He also cares of (the only one) Oresuki’s birthday. He asks Oresuki to go to Megumi’s party! You can’t see any boss in the world who is so caring of a subordinate’s birthday!

Even Mirage Trios are useless (and failed many times), as a boss, when they are in danger, he will definitely save them.

Where can we find this kind of boss in the world?

5.  Give PhanPhan a strong body
According to Ribbon and Glasun’s conditions, PhanPhan should not able to change to human, but Red gives him a human body to serve Queen Mirage, and later he gets his new partner-Honey.

6.  Always worry about this series
What makes him come all the way from Planet Red? It is Toei’s offer of being the last boss with the limit budget. He comes all the way to Earth to brainwash his brother’s girlfriend, setting a base in Blue Sky Kingdom, giving PhanPhan a strong body and creating many subordinates (only 5 excluding Phantom and Mirage) etc…Unfortunately, the main storyline suddenly ends in ep 43…then he goes to find a girlfriend (Megumi) and hurt his love rival (Seiji)…but it still can’t stretch to ep 49…


Red: What can I do to continue the series? Princess Precure is coming soon...

He tries to lengthen the series by keeping his secret in ep 46, but he talks to Lovely (Lovely only) in ep 48.

After he defeats Precure in the first half of ep 48, he doesn’t know how to continue the series…he even…

tell Lovely how much he hates the Earth, so that Lovely will attack him…


but Lovely doesn’t take any action after he says that…
Red: (I don’t want you to pity me! I want you to defeat me and end the series!!)


He even confesses his hidden feeling to Megumi in order to end the series!!
Red: Please love me to save me.


but Lovely rejects!
Lovely: I have to change my clothes first.

Lovely knows how to hug him after she changes clothes.


That’s why after Lovely casts attack, he feels so relaxed. You see, he looks healthier at the end of the series, right? Because he finally have a rest!

What Toei rewards him after all these hard work?

Still need to take care of this culprit couple!!


That’s why PhanPhan run to Honey quickly.

I really want to draw a doujin that Red as a good guy and Blue is the villain…if possible…

Oh yes, I forget to talk about his fighting ability. He doesn’t need to enlarge himself like Dune or change a more powerful form like other previous bosses. He can keep his handsome look till the end of the series, and even Lovely changes to Forever Lovely, she can’t purify him (she only let him feel so-called love). He is definitely the most powerful boss in Precure history (because he is a god).

J. Phantom/PhanPhan
So-called Precure hunter, but to me, he is just a serious Precure Otaku. Owing to him, we knows there are many Precure in the world and when Tender is defeated. He collects so many Precure for Mirage, but Mirage doesn’t like woman, so he doesn’t know what to do until he meets Yuuko. He is at villain side, but he doesn’t look like a villain. He is very loyal to Mirage that he has an image song for her. This is what Blue can’t do. Although he doesn’t sing any song for Yuuko, but these services satisfy me:


Ah..these are Hime and Iona’s imagination…the following scenes are the real:


Hold hands in ep 41, and later….


live in Oomori bento shop publicly!


Oh yes, Phantom surely likes Yuuko’s dish. He can finish a pot of porridge.

As a villain, or as a male character, he is the most handsome one in the series (although Red is handsome as well, he is my second most handsome) Among all Precure male characters, I think his look can match Coco and Nuts…

For his fighting ability, he is a rare cadre and villain in Precure history that having a variety of attacks. He doesn’t use any Choiark in the series, and any Saiark as his assistant like Mirage Trios. (He only calls a lot of Saiarks) Besides his physical attack, he can use his sword and shield in the battle, and he also use other people’s shadow to copy other’s ability (and thought). I think Toei should produce more such kind of enemy.

K. Ribbon and Glasun
What I can talk about these mascots? I talk about Ribbon first. Her role in the series is just Hime’s caretaker, and she pampered Hime a lot. While PhanPhan does many things to please Mirage, Ribbon just stays by Hime’s side, but she won’t let Hime go wrong. She just looks like Hime’s nursing mum.

Ribbon sometimes closes to Megumi because of Hime.

Glasun’s existence is quite embarrassing in the series. According to this series setting, each country only has ONE representative mascot, such as:
Ribbon-Blue Sky
Then, which country Glasun belongs to? Even if she represents the current Japan, she should be Maria’s mascot, not Iona’s. She should leave with Maria in ep 39…but the setting here is Glasun is close to Iona. If according to above, PhanPhan should be Iona’s partner instead of Glasun. I think the staffs do realize this mistake, so they make PhanPhan with Yuuko. Still, the origin of Glasun is unclear. There is a single ep for Ribbon, but there is no solo ep for Glasun. Her character is also embarrassed too. She has a tomboy character. She acts like a boy (even in speech), but she wears dress.


Her look is just like an elegant lady more than tomboy…but she can’t wears trousers here because …you look at PhanPhan! The problem is the mascots’ design! You can’t distinguish their gender from their faces!

As PhanPhan has a chance to be human, he looks more useful than Ribbon and Glasun. In the group attack, they only help to call the dresser and sing together. I wonder if PhanPhan can help in the group attack in the future… Anyway, for supporting Precure, I think Ribbon does more than Glasun.

However, even they appear a lot in the series, they can’t catch my eyes. If Phantom is not PhanPhan, I may almost forget there are such mascots in the series. The mascots in this series are not very brilliant…

L. Mirage Trio/Oresuki Trio
There should have 5 cadres in the series, which 3 of them deal with Japanese Precure.
About their past, the series barely mentions. I have to search the information from HaCha Japanese wiki. (Actually, the information is from HaCha complete book, but I don’t buy it…I only have Animage special book)  For their setting, it is so hilarious that they always need to travel to Japan…(their seiyuus also play with this joke) Why Mirage needs three people to deal with a country (Oresuki and Hoshiwa have dealt with other countries though), while Mirage just put a shemale cadre called Madam Momere to Hawaii, other parts of the world leave to Phantom… As we know, when they summon
Saiarks, there are different kinds of scenes and Saiarks wear different colour of scarfs:

HACHA_0074_Layer 35HACHA_0028_Layer 81

Namakelda’s scenery is mole world, his Saiark’s scarf is green.

HACHA_0073_Layer 360546

Hoshiwa’s scenery is dessert kingdom, and her Saiark’s scarf is pink.


As we can also see her Saiarks in France and USA, I believe Hoshiwa is also in charge of France and USA besides Japan.

Oresuki’s scenery is ruin, and his Saiark’s scarf is yellow. That’s why he likes Cure Honey? (I refer to the colour)


Momere’s scenery is ice world, and his Saiark’s scarf is purple.


According to Blue in ep 2, there is a snowy world with coconut trees; I think it refers to Hawaii.


Phantom’s scenery is crystal world, and his Saiark’s scarf is white.


Mirage’s scenery is gloomy and plant world, and her Saiark’s scarf is blue. (Mirage, you really like Blue so much?)

HACHA_0033_Layer 25.jpg

BlackFang’s scenery is spider web world, his Saiark’s scarf…no scarf!?


According to Blue as well, there should have two more cadres like this fiery scenery and rubbish scenery (I don’t have the picture…)… We don’t know who they are till now…


Red’s scenery is red world… and his Saiark’s scarf is red.

Although I only concentrate on Mirage Trios here, I have to ask…why there are so few people ruling the Earth? It is similar to DDPC that they have 7 cadres, but they only show five. (Black Fang is excluded)

Oresuki comes first. He is similar to Kumojacky, but he concerns on being No.1. He was betrayed by someone in the past, so he only cares of status.

In the complete book, it said he was betrayed by someone who stroke for the top when he is in police unit, but it doesn’t make much difference from anime.

His physical fight is the best among the trio because of his police training, I believe. He feels that there is full of misfortune in the world owing to betrayal, yet he really wants some companions.

He is so special that he is the only villain have Toei sponsored badge (its price is the same as his fan club fee-800 yens) and the same birthday as Megumi! He should be close to Megumi, but look at this face…


He is already Cure Honey Fan Club No.1 member (Phantom is No.2). Nevertheless, he likes to challenge with the strongest one (in terms of physical attacks), so he opposes Iona in the final battle. Besides his persistence of No.1, he is just a comical man.

Next one is Hoshiwa. From the list of Saiarks, we know that she is the most hardworking member among the trio. This is also why her appearance is less than the other two. She is so-called greedy woman, but she is no different from Mushiban (like desserts a lot). Unlike Oresuki, as she is a lady, she doesn’t have physical fight. She usually uses her umbrella to attack. In this series, what she contributes is her body. Let’s see her transformations!


She has idol look.
Hoshiwa: Am I cute?

A weak girl look.
Hoshiwa:Help me!

Bikini swimsuit look!
Because of her, there is a swimsuit ep for Princess Precure!

Since she is a greedy and possessive woman, she dislikes sharing with others, so she also dislikes romance and marriage. Although she is surrounded with male cadres, none of them arouse her interest (even Phantom, I don’t know if she is interested in Red…). Nonetheless, it is nothing to do with her human form-Hoshi Wakako (the name is from HaCha complete book). The information I get about why she becomes like this is due to her unpleasant past and misfortune which others don’t have…I don’t think this background cause her greed and possessive…By having the same occupation as Sasorina (in human form), her position is another Sasorina (while Oresuki is another Kumojacky.)

The last one is Namakelda. His character is like his name-lazy. He is a lazy gentleman. Despite of that, he concerns others’ love matter quite much, such as Seiji, Hime, Yuuya and Iona.


When Seiji is depressed of his love to Megumi, Namakelda is the first person to comfort him!


Namakelda even help Seiji to solve his problem, but firstly, he has to know who is the opponent. He first thought is Princess instead of Megumi…

Later, he plays with Princess in the final fight. Um…that’s why there are many illustration for Hime x Namakelda.


The next target is Yuuya. He just voices out Iona’s feeling to Yuuya…
Namakelda: You over-emphasize on your feeling.


He also gives a romance talk to Fortune during the battle.

He has such fantastic romance talks to Precure, but his past is just his jealousy of couples! I believe his past should be more than that? Also, there is no background saying why he becomes very lazy…but he had been a visual style band member when he (Namase) was a student. I still don’t think that he has social problem (although he said so)…because his social relationship in the past seems better than the other two.

Similarly to Hoshiwa, he also dislikes physical fight (he is lazy to move his body), so he only dodges Princess’s attack in the final fight.

Comparing to Desert trio, their cooperation is not as good as Desert trio…as they only think of themselves.

M. International Cures
Come to the last part of the character section, let’s see all international cures in the series:

Starting from the left: Cure Nile (Egypt), Cure Southern Cross (Australia), Cure Katyusha (Russia), Cure Gonna and Cure Pantalon (Italy), Cure Continental (England). Cure Continental's costume is Alice motif.

Starting from the left: Wonderful Net Precure (India), Bomber Girls Precure (USA), Aloha Precure (Cure Sunset and Cure Wave, Hawaii), Merci Precure (Cure Aile, France)


The one besides Cure Wave is Matador Precure (Spain), the one at the most right is unknown (tentative) Southern Cross, Italian twins and Katyusha changes their costumes in just an ep. (is this form change?)

This Cure Rosetta-like Precure is Cure Sherry. If Sherry refers to the wine Sherry, she is from Spain as well.


This Cure Echo-like Precure is...I don't know....

The countries had appeared in the series are England, USA, Russia, Italy, France, Spain, Australia, India, Hawaii, Egypt…The most right green cure…according to Phantom…


This girl is defeated together with Italy Precure, so I assume that she may be a Precure in one of the European country…may be..Greece? From the costume design, those cures with bare shoulder are living near the sea. The example is Aloha Precure.

There is another unknown red cure in ep 16…I only can guess the country from the time zone, if India is in the evening, the location where the red cure is at night, so the possible location she may be is Chinese area or Southeast Asia. I know that I should not judge whether she is in a hot place from her hair colour, but looking at Wondernet and Aloha, there is at least one orange Precure. Also, Matador Precure changes her hair colour from purple in ep 16 to red in ep 46… (European cures are usually in lighter hair colour and in yellow family), so I believe she is from Southeast Asia.

Basically, Toei had covered all continents (Excluding North and South Pole). Among them, Bomber Girls, Wonder Net, Aloha and Merci Precure are outstanding because of the voices and attacks. Aloha Precure become the leader of International Precure in ep 46 as they appeared in the whole ep 28. Before the appearance of Aloha, the most outstanding one should be Wonder Net and Cure Aile. Bomber Girls also stands out, but not as much as them because of the number of Precure. Bomber Girls has the most members besides HaCha, but their attack is similar to Fortune as I said before (only that Fortune is purple star and they are yellow star). Cure Aile is the only one who has a weapon, but why hers can’t have a better design? (just because hers is not a toy?)

About the number of Precure, besides Japan, there are only one or two members (and the most three for Bomber Girls) in the so-called group (only one member can’t form a group…) Two-member Precure group are not many…only Italy, Hawaii, India and Spain (if Cure Sherry is really from Spain) has two Precures. I think it is because they are not safe countries (Hawaii is a special case as they arrange OP/ED singers voicing them)…otherwise I can’t think of a reason why India and Italy needs two cures….(Italy Precure is even twins..) Looking back to Japanese Precure, are there too many? Excluding all stars, we have 6 cures, so Japan is the most dangerous?

For the costume design, they are stylish, but I can see some designs just re-create when the ep is going to show...

The character design of international cures is interesting, but their arrangement is not very well done. I can see the production team is repeating HCPC mistake-just create without thinking of their arrangement at the end of the series. If the story focuses on Blue Sky, the international cures should go to Blue Sky and defeat Queen Mirage. They want to create the similar effect as Sailor Stars, which is sailor soldier vs sailor soldier (here is Precure vs Precure). However, it is a failure. Sailor Stars is more successful than this because the villain sailor soldiers are more than ally sailor soldiers. At our side, we already have sailor soldiers from 9 planets + 1 from future + 1 unknown (I mean Sailor Cosmo) + Sailor Starlights, and the villain cures are around 4 cadres + changed sailor monster (around 20) + Sailor Galaxia. The villain soldiers should be more than ally. The setting itself is universal, unlike Precure. Precures are gathered usually in the same country, they can’t do the same thing as Sailor Moon. In particular, there are more than enough Precure than the villain. Even how hard working Phantom is, he can’t defeat all Precure in the world (Bomber Girls, Wonder Net, Cure Aile, Aloha and that red cure are still alive throughout the series). This setting, together with the wish setting, speeds up the story. If Toei keeps all these setting, Blue Sky route can be ended probably in ep 26…Therefore, don’t be wonder why all international Precure only stay in their own countries and fight against Saiarks, because they just help Toei to lengthen the eps.



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