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Will you answer those questions honestly? I try my best
What are your other nicks that you use (sort by relevance)?Ryune, milfeulle, millfy, nozomi_yumehara, Urara, ashenbert
What is your Cure name (if you have one; - don't invent one now! )? Cure Valsione
Which country are you from? HK
Which gender do you have? F
Can you spend as much time for your hobby (anime/Japan) as you want?
Have you ever been to a convention? Which? no
Have you ever been to Japan? no.
Do you know how to unlock achievements here? ( community.livejournal.com/precure/984363.html )no
Would you like to know about achievements in this community? yes.
Who are your favourite Precures (three mentions)? Dream, Aqua, Marine
Who is your favorite HPC vilain? Komojacky
Who would Sasorina pair up best with?
If you'd going to cos as a Precure character, which one would it be? Dream
Who would you pair Tsubomi with? Ban-kun or Kumojacky
Would you want to hug Koppe-sama? yes.
Who out of HPC would you choose for your marriage partner or child? no..
Who'd you like to take care of: Chiffon or Tart? Tart
Cobraja or Kumojacky? Kumojacky
Karen or Komachi? Karen
Honoka or Mai? Honoka
Nagisa or Saki? Nagisa
Coco or Natsu? Coco
Would you like to own a Desertorian outfit? {if anyone remembers, I couldn't fint that entry anymore} (which?) I want to own Snaky outfit XD
Sort by personal popularity: Meppuru, Mippuru, Porun, Lulun: Meppuru, Mippuru, Porun, Lulun
Have you ever dreamed of Precure? no.
Have you ever dreamed of being a Precure? no.
Are you crazy? no.
Would you like the Precure universe to be real (girls, mascots, vilains)? yes for live action.
Female participants: Would you like to date a male character from a precure series (which)?
(Homosexual participants choose whatever they like) Coco!
Which kind of merchandise do you like most (two mentions allowed)? figure and Cure Fleur toy
Do you spend much money on merchandise? not much..
Do you listen to Precure music? Yes.
Anything else you want to let us know? What you want to know about me?

What other nicknames/aliases do you use, either in real life or online? Ryune, milfeulle, millfy, nozomi_yumehara, Urara, ashenbert
Which country are you from? HK
Which gender are you? F
What age are you? same as Gemini Saga
What colour are your hair and eyes? Black
What are your 3 most favourite foods? Lamune, Rocky bun, Sushi
What are your 3 most favourite colours? Yellow, Orange , Blue,
What non-Anime related hobbies do you have? watching TV
What languages can you speak, and how fluently? English, Mandarin, Cantonese (native)
What language would you most like to learn? Japanese (learning)
What country would you most like to visit? Japan and Taiwan
What is your profession (or School level if still at school)? Master of Animation
What specialist skills do you have? creating animation in 2D and 3D + piano
What other TV Show genres are you a fan of, other than anime? comedy and some HK and Taiwan variety show
Anything else general you want to let us know about you? What you want to know about me besides these?

Precure and anime

Are you involved in any part of subbing any season of Precure, and if so which subbing group(s)? Once in a Chinese sub...for PC5GG
Who are your top 5 favourite Precures based on appearance?


Who are your top 5 favourite Precures based on Character/personality?


Who are your top 3 favourite Precure Villains?

1. Bunbee
2. Kumojacky
3. Westar

Who are your top 3 favourite Precure Mascots?

1. Coco
2. Nuts
3. Syrup

Who are your top 3 favourite Supporting Precure characters?

1. Sora
2. Kaoru
3. Michiru

Who are your top 3 favourite non-main Precure characters?

1. Masuko Mika
2. Ban Kenji
3. Madoka

Have you ever dreamed of Precure? No
Have you ever dreamed of being a Precure? NO
Would you like the Precure universe to be real (girls, mascots, villains)? live action? yes.
What Precure character would you most like to date? Dream
Do you buy any/much Precure merchandise? no.
Do you listen to any/much Precure music? Yes.
What is your opinion of fan-pairings in any anime? no comment.
If you were to cosplay as a Precure character who would it be? Dream in 5GG costume or Shining Dream
If you were to cosplay as a non-Precure character, which would it be and what are they from? Shinguuji Sakura (Sakura Wars) or Milfeulle Sakuraba (Galaxy Angel)
What other Animes (Japanese or not) are you fond of? Many actually....anyway I list 30!

1. Sailor Moon (1st-S only)
2. Minky Momo 91'
3. Wataru series
4. Madou King
5. Magic Knight Rayearth (but I don't like OVA)
6. Wedding Peach
7. NG & VS Knight (except VS fresh)
8. Chou Kuseni Narisou
9. Yokosou Youko
10. You're under Arrest
11. Gundam G, W, ZZ, Seed
12. Zorro (anime)
13. Pappara Tai
14. Galaxy Angel series (except Rune)
15. Fushigi Yuugi
16. Cardcaptor Sakura
17. Macross & Macross 7
18. Yuusha series (Fighbird, Might Gaine, Dagwon, GGG)
19. Les Miserables Shoujo Cosette
20. Princess Tutu
21. PuchiPuri Princess
22. Sasami 96 ver.
23. Sakura Wars
24. Garfield
25. Looney and Tiny Toon
26. Saint Seiya
27. Samurai Trooper
28. Hayate 1st series
29. Keroro
30. Detective Conan

Precure Community Questionaire A--ichikyo

001 - What time is it? (This question is really important, answer it on last) : 12:45:09 pm
002 - Former Pseudonym : None
003 - Current Pseudonym : Kokoda_koji
004 - Gender : Female
005 - Country : HK
006 : Date of Birth : 29th June
007 : Eyecolor : Black
008 : Haircolor : Black
009 : Nb of Brothers : 2
010 : Nb of Sisters : None
011 : Hobbies : Watching , discussing and creating animation and comics, listening to anime songs, playing TV games, drawing
012 : Favorite Hobby : drawing
013 : Favorite Color : yellow
014 : Favorite Country : HK
015 : Favorite Perfume Smell : None, I dislike perfume
016 : Favorite Ice Cream : Vanilla Ice cream
017 : Favorite Music Genre : Techno, hot-blooded fast song
018 : Favorite Animal : Dog
019 and 020 are optional, I choose not to answer

021 : The Thing you treasure the most : comic books and letters from friends
022 : The best feeling you can think about : exciting with heartbeat
023 : The worst feeling you can think about : too angry that going to cry
024 : The Thing the most important on your life that you can think about : My career
025 : The Thing that makes you angry the most : exploiting me
026 : The person you care the most : my family
027 : Do you care of your parents? : of course
028 : Do you care of your brothers and sisters? Mochi-course
029 : With money, what is the most important thing to buy first? depending on how much, If a lot of money, a new flat, otherwise a ticket to Japan
030 : And after? : iPad, Precure figures

031 : Detective Conan or Professor Layton? Detective Conan
032 : Yes Precure 5 or Tokyo Mew Mew? Yes Precure 5
033 : Ketchup or Mayonnaise? Mayonnaise
034 : Comic Book or Manga? is there any difference? both I would say...
035 : Wifi or Ethernet? ...I use wireless...
036 : Laptop or Desk Computer? Laptop
037 : Sword or Axe? Sword, like Cure Fleur
038 : Half Full or Half Empty? no difference, skip.
039 : House or Apartment?Apartment, for health and safety
040 : Dr House or Real Doctor? I don't really care..

041 : What is the first thing you do when you woke up? brush my teeth
042 : Which person do you think first when you woke up? my family
043 : Do you like to have a Breakfast? yes
044 : When you do have freetime during lunch, do you cook something? yes
045 : But when you don't have freetime, sandwich, buying sandwich/fastfood or Home cooking? takeaway food
046 : For Dinner, Restaurant or not? I prefer eating at home.
047 : Do you have taste Military Rations? No
048 : The first thing you have tried to cook? I forgot...
049 : Shower or Bath? Shower
050 : What is the last thing you want to think before going to sleep? the work before I go to bed.

051 : Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest?
052 : Street Fighter or King of Fighters?
053 : Guilty Gear or Blazblue?
054 : Mario Kart or Gran Turismo?
055 : Ikaruga or Touhou?
056 : Idolmaster or Dream C Club?
057 : FIFA or PES?
058 : Atelier or Ar Tonelico?

I skip 051-058 as I don't really like to play them

059 : Portable or Game Consoles? Both
060 : HD TV or Normal TV? HD TV

061 : Do you have an animal? no
062 : Do you have a desk? yes
063 : Do you like Bio Food? fine to me
064 : Do you spend most of your moneys on clothes? no, clothing I spend the least
065 : Do you like fastfood? neither like nor dislike
066 : Do you have a printer? yes
067 : If yes, do you print your favourite character on paper, cut and paste them on your personnal notebook? no
068 : Do you drink Alcohol? no
069 : Do you drink Softdrink? yes
070 : Do you like to sleep if you don't have to work? I will find something to do rather than sleep

071 : Did someone save your life? no
072 : Do you have friends? Yes.
073 : Do you have Internet friends? yes
074 : Do you have save someone's life? no
075 : Do you believe on superhero? Real world? no.
076 : Do you want to became one? no.
077 : Someone did an inception to you?
078 : Someone did an extraction on you?
077-078 skip, as I don't understand the question.

079 : Do you believe of the time cycle on a dream (1 Day spend on a dream = 1h in our world)no
080 : (Optional) If you don't have real friends and you feel alone, did you create a world in your dream and live in? create, yes, live in, no.

081 : Do you sleep with a plushie? no
082 : Your dreaming job? animator
083 : Do you have posters? Yes, some.
084 : Do you admire a real star(Show Business, Cinema etc)? no
085 : Do you want being immortal? no
086 : Will you press the Red Button? for what?
087 : If you become a president for one day, what will you do?improve the awareness of animation and game.
088 : Do you dream of traveling to space?yes, with gundam XD
089 : Do you like driving or you prefer someone drive for you?someone drive for you
090 : Are you a nerd? Are you an otaku? I am a ACG fan, that's all.

091 : Your favourite food? Lamune, Rocky bread, actually many ^^
092 : Do you love someone? no
093 : Did you love someone? no
094 : Single? Married? Broken(No more on couple)? single
095 : Bag or Suitcase? bag

096 : Best things that happened to you? born in HK
097 : The last thing you would like to do before dying? what I haven't do in the whole ep
098 : You are abandonned in a solitary island... What will you do? think of an idea to escape.
099 : Your house/appartement is burning, what will you save first? everyone at home
100 : Select 3 Favourite precure and ONLY 3! Cure Dream, Cure Aqua, Cure Marine.



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